Hi! Welcome to my page! My name is Sarah (Manes) Lambert, and over the past few years I have slowly been discovering and growing into my “inner hippie.”

My what, you say?

I have found that I have a true passion for what I call “getting back to nature.”

I have steadily been working to become chemical-free by using natural products and DIY-ing with essential oils. I am well on my way to ridding my home of toxic beauty, cleaning, medication, and food products that wreak havoc on the body and the Earth. In the process, I’ve really been able to embrace a frugal lifestyle, as I make a lot of my own products! I practice cleaner eating and supplementation, mindfulness and personal growth, and creating a peaceful physical environment in which to thrive. I’m beginning to explore minimalism a bit, because I’ve realized that the most important things in my life are people and experiences, not stuff. My biggest focus and passion is natural health and holistic wellness, and I believe that nature has provided us with the tools we need to live our best lives!

With all that being said, because I feel that nature has given so much to me (in the form of healthy foods, essential oils, renewable resources, joy—when I revel in nature’s beauty)…I am also passionate about giving back to nature. I am really excited about my journey toward a “greener” life. Call me a tree-hugger if you want, but I want to do my part to save the Earth and its precious resources. This means reducing waste, repurposing items, and reducing my own personal carbon footprint!

I also love giving back to people. I am proud to volunteer for organizations that are near and dear to my heart, and I love to give of my time and resources when I can. One thing that excites me the most about this journey I am on is that, as an entrepreneur in the natural wellness field, I have the ability to create a truly financially free future. Which means I can give back in BIG ways! I love, love, love this lifestyle, and I am so excited to see what the future holds!

I hope you’ll follow my journey and cheer me on! And most of all, I hope it inspires you to begin your own unique journey to wellness, peace, and abundance… in all areas of your life!